Business Outline

Our company can offer an integrated service ranging from product designing for automobile parts to mold manufacturing. In addition, we can comprehensively support our customers by offering maintenance, repair and remodeling services.

Mold Designing and Mold Manufacturing

Our company designs and manufactures molds for rubber and plastic parts mainly for automobiles. We can manufacture high-precision molds for rubber parts, backed with one of the best equipment capacities in the industry such as CAD/CAM and high speed machining centers as well as with time-proven manufacturing technology over 35 years. We can propose types of molding that suit customers’ needs, which include rubber injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding etc. Our younger staffs in their twenties and thirties are ready to meet customers’ needs to customers’ satisfaction with their flexible mindset and prompt action. A variety of customers’ needs will be perfectly met from our workplaces full of youth and vigorousness.

Company Features

Readiness to meet customers’ needs

Molds change their structures depending on manufacturing conditions, which are especially specifications of molding machine, production volume, materials, and manufacturing system. Under these limited conditions, we can offer easy-to-use molds in the best structure from the perspective of customers. For a basic product such as a rubber trial product, we can present it to customers. In addition, we can quickly and globally respond to customers’ needs of maintenance and repair as our bases are located in China, Thailand, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Burrless Molds

Molded products with burr impose cost and time for repair, which are big losses to customers. Since its inception, our company has placed a priority on burrless molds to establish our design and processing technology. We can offer heavy-duty molds that are durable and safe for use by customers.

Workflow of mold manufacturing

1.Meeting to discuss product specifications

Based on drawings and model data, we have a meeting with customers. Mold specifications is decided in accordance with customers’ suggestion and our company’s know-how.

2.Mold designing and model making

At this stage, a model mold is created for processing based on the meeting. With 3-D computer-aided design systems like CATIA and operator’s technique, we create data, taking into consideration shorter delivery time and processing method.

3.Product processing

We can manufacture high-precision molds in shorter delivery time by directly sending data to machining centers network-lined with a computer room.

4.Finish and assembly

Our molds are carefully finished and assembled by  skilled engineers.

5.Inspection and delivery

Finished molds are delivered with trial models after careful inspection.
That is why customers can begin production without delay.

Major products produced from our molds

Sealing parts for all sorts of vehicles including automobiles.

Other functional parts

Product Designing

“We want to develop a new product using rubber!”, “We want to establish mass production system!” We, TSK Co., LTD., can comprehensively support our customers’ needs for not only mold manufacturing, but also for product development, designing, and model making. With 3-D computer-aided design systems (CATIA-V5), we can design automobile parts. (Weather strips etc.)

Our strength is that:
Our staffs dispatched to major parts manufacturers, where they learn deign know-how, can work together with our molding engineers, which enable us to create “product data easy to make a mold” without hurting product functions from the time of data creation.

Advanced Approaches


Toward realizing mold designing at our own bases and readiness for meetings

Our company has made efforts so that we can manufacture new molds at our own bases by standardizing our core business of mold manufacturing and by letting each base play such a function.
As a result, we became able to handle design change and maintenance at each local base, reducing each base’s running costs.
For the next step,we plan to nurture local mold designing engineers at our bases with the aim that we will be able to create the system to determine mold specifications and to develop new molds between our customers’ local staffs and our local staffs.