Our Philosophy

Today’s manufacturing hinges on a competitive edge in information.

Contemporary manufacturing is changing so fast that in-house improvement and development efforts alone are not enough.
Our company will make every possible effort to achieve results by taking advantage of various routes to collect information so that we can meet requests from customers in the quickest way.
For that purpose, we will conduct employee training that puts great importance on basic skills for seeing through the true nature of things.

We will take particular note of CSR ( corporate social responsibilities).

We will fulfill our responsibility for all the stakeholders through corporate activities.
Although what we can do is limited, we will fulfill our social responsibility as much as we can through employee training, environmental preservation activities, industrial health and safety, human rights, and job creation and so on.

Passion is a crystallization of efforts.

It is often the case that few people start their jobs with passion.
However, we think that people will become passionate for their jobs little by little only after they learn the ropes of their jobs, become gradually self-confident, and then come to realize what they want to do.
We will make steady efforts to keep our passion burning so that younger generation also will be able to do their work with passion.

President   Toshio Sakoda

Company Profile

Company Name TSK Co., Ltd.
Location 1 - 237 Koki Higashi, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture
Capital 50 million yen
Business Outline Mold designing and mold manufacturing for rubber and plastic products
Partners INOAC CORPORATION, Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., Chusei Gomu Co., Ltd.,
Nishikawa RUBBER CO.,LTD., Hokusei Rubber Industry Co. Ltd.
(order of the Japanese syllabary)
Banking connection Juroku Bank, Otai branch
Site area 900㎡
Established September 1977

Management principle


Basic policy 1. Create and provide safe and secure products that meet customers’ needs.
2. Design and provide global and fine-tuned services responsive to changes in social situations.
Management principle By sharing among all of us the ideas of “QUALITY FIRST” and “POST-PROCESSES ARE CUSTOMERS” and by promoting a continuous improvement of the quality management system, we provide excellent products and services that satisfy customers and respond to society’s confidence.
Action guideline By embodying our company’s management principle, management and all employee shall carry out business activities in accordance with this daily action guideline and incorporate it into management and various in-house systems.

History of TSK

September1977 Established in Nishi-cu, Nagoya City.
April1978 Relocated to Kasugai City. (due to factory expansion)
February1979 Converted to a company limited by shares.
Capital of 3 million yen.
August1981 Relocated to Gemba-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya City. (due to factory expansion)
February1987 Completed new main factory/office at 1 - 237 Koki Higashi, Komaki City.
February1994 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
January2003 Launched the product design department.
August Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification
September Established T.S.KEI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
August2010 Obtained ISO14001 certification
April Established TSK(DONGGUAN)CO., LTD.
June2012 Established TSK MOLDING MEXICO SA.DEC.V.
October2013 Increased capital to 50 million yen
October2014 Established PT TSKEI MOLDING INDONESIA.

Approved certifications

Our company obtained the ISO9001:2000 certification in August 2003,
which has further strengthened our production system of the molding technology while we had established it with the aims to achieve a world-class mold quality and zero customer complaints.
We have accumulated advanced technologies in the industry such as introduction of 3-D computer-aided design systems in our design department and high-precision molding machines in our manufacturing department. These advanced technologies enable us to respond to customers’ needs quickly and thereby we are well accepted by the molding industry for automobile parts.
Certification of ISO9001:2000 standards applies to “manufacture and repair of injection molds for rubber and plastic products and covers all activities ranging from order intake, manufacture, delivery and post-delivery activities. It made it possible for us to sophisticate the management system for quality control.
In June 18, 2010, we obtained the ISO14001 certification.