Message from President

It’s time for the Global Restoration!
Boys, be ambitious!!

Our environment surrounding us has been shifting from domestic competition to worldwide competition.
We have endeavored to become a world-class company by actively promoting overseas operations.
It is our hope that we will grow together not only by developing technique through global businesses, but also by improving human skills through interaction with various people and environments.

Human resources being sought

  • Those who continue to have willingness to challenge.

    ⇒Keep on trying to innovate yourself.

  • Those who have strong expertise.

    ⇒Have outstanding specialist capabilities in responding to duties and roles. Be strong against environmental changes and be independent.

  • Those who are rich in international common sense.

    ⇒Have a global perspective, pay attention to a broad range of ideas and technologies in the world, learn and practice them.

  • Those who create high-quality results in consort with others.

    ⇒Make efforts to hold a two-way dialogue and create high-quality results in consort with others.

  • Those who are rich in a sense of morality.

    ⇒Share values with others and be rich in a sense of morality.

Application method

If you wish to apply, please contact us at the email address below or by phone.
Please apply from the contact form of TSK Co., Ltd.

Head office of TSK Co., Ltd. (office hours 10:00 – 17:00)
When calling us, please tell us your business as “About recruiting information”.